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Digital All-Stars Saving Small Business

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Digital and data helps brick and mortar businesses fight back against eCommerce

The digital revolution has been presented as universally bad for bricks and mortar stores, strangling small independent shops and driving the demise of high streets and small market towns. A very different vision of the future is held by savethehighstreet.org – which has a noble mission:

Helping retailers, cafes, salons, restaurants, boutiques, newsagents, galleries and other local businesses succeed on the high street.

We are helping traders associations, community groups, town teams, BIDs, and other local champions stimulate sales for their high streets.

We are helping local authorities, industry innovators, property developers and other stakeholders transform and strengthen the high street.

We are studying the high street from the bottom up, delivering grass-roots local support, developing cutting edge technologies and campaigning for positive change.

Diverse, successful high streets benefit everyone. The more of us who join, the stronger we all become.

This organization believes that digital and data can be put to work to help cooperatives of independent shops compete more effectively – pooling their resources, building brands and a sense of identity for local high streets, enabling smarter stock control and more.

It could happen. Some might say click and collect is already a step in that direction. It’s certainly true that ‘traditional trade’ shopkeepers in rapid-growth Asian eCommerce markets have a far more symbiotic relationship with online shopping. Like all the others – this is an idea worth keeping tabs on.

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