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The Difference Between Extraordinary Blogs and The Usual Crap

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Most blogs lack personality. Your character needs to come out. You need to be the character.  Revealing your person makes real human connections

Extraordinary blogs always have new and fresh content for visitors to check out.  When someone comes to your site or blog, you want to keep them coming back.

Writing mediocre posts that don’t say anything useful is a stopper. Visitors will check out early if they don’t find something fresh. You must become the “show stopper” delivering memorable value that gives your audience what it wants.

What they want is entertainment or generous resources or useful information. Or all three of those things. And they want to see your personality. You are more extraordinary just being you.

You want your articles read and shared by as many people as possible. Much of what is published online lacks any personality. Your character is your originality– you need to come out from hiding behind your expertise.

You need to be the character.  Revealing your person makes real human connections. Write something that people can relate to on a personal level and you form emotional bonds.

The best ways to get noticed is to constantly update your personality blog content. Even the most prolific of writers can only write one or two articles a day, and if you are running several blogs the amount of writing quickly becomes overwhelming.

I have three blogs and I am a prolific writer and there’s no way I can create enough new content to keep every visitor coming back every day. I want to write more but I teach six hours a day.

The goal is not to sell your niche product or your niche knowledge. The goal is to sell yourself.  Your personality brand will bring visitors to you instead of them searching Google when they have a need that you might fill. Those visitors go out of their way to work with you even if your competitors cost less, and they tell others about you.

The more honest you are — about who you are, about what you’re into, about your motivations and your weaknesses — the more people trust you. The more they identify with you, even if it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

The more transparent you are, the more you overcome doubts. If you lay everything out in plain view, clients can be reasonably confident that you’re not holding anything back.

People stop liking what you write and start to like you. They won’t read your blog; they’ll read you. They won’t buy your service; they’ll buy you.

The online world is disconnected and anonymous. Your visitors want the real you. Now that’s extraordinary.

See these personality brands: Weird13 Strange Fun blogs of bloggers just being blogging themselves.

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