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Robot Calls, Robot Visitors

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Do the right thing for all of us-- stop Scam Likely by blocking those numbers, and stop buying bulk hits to your website.

Nasty robot calls.

My friend “Scam Likely” calls my cell phone three or four times a day. Jerk. Never really answers if I swipe to speak to him.

He’s annoying. He is not a good friend. He makes me not want to answer any calls if I don’t recognize the name and number.  He always leaves a message though, usually about how rich he can make me in just thirty days.

I also get a lot of offers to watch porn videos. Young and pretty and shameless women leave messages and texts like “watch me dance….”

It must be working because they keep trying. But I can’t imagine. They even know how to make it look they’re calling from a local number.

What a waste. Waste my time and my minutes. Well, I have unlimited minutes on my phone, but I still have to take time to delete all the garbage Scam Likely and friends keep leaving on my phone.

Nasty Robot Visitors

The same things can be said of “robot visitors” to your website. The bot hits people pay actual money for are a waste of bandwidth. They offer nothing more than an annoyance to the crowded space of network connections.

A site can actually be penalized by Google and Yahoo if they suspect bot traffic is your primary source of visitors. Why would anyone risk that?

Bulk hits are cheap and they might increase Alexa rank. That’s about it.

The right way to sell anything is by giving it effort– making a real connection with other human beings and offering them a product or service they really need.

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