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Video Is A Quick Solution

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Video is a quick solution for site traffic needs. Businesses that have introduced video to their marketing program have reported a 300%-400% increase in sales conversions.
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Video is a quick solution for your site traffic needs.  Video is all the rage and currently the best technique for building trust. Effective, yes. Time consuming, yes. Expensive, doesn’t have to be.

Businesses that have introduced video communications to their marketing program have reported a 300%-400% increase in sales conversions. Why? Because people feel comfortable buying a product or service when they know the people and business they’re dealing with.

It takes time and money, especially if you need a good video camera. So how can you develop video and start this relationship marketing quicker?  Answer – Make a quick Video with your phone and add it to your own business Youtube.com channel, your website and your emails.

Use the best quality video camera you can get your hands on. Remember the audio quality is important too, so find a quiet place to record. Start by introducing yourself and staff and talk about your products or services, including your marketing message through video.

Break down barriers, create rapport, start an emotional connection, show your expertise and differentiate your business from competitors in the buyer’s mind.

Potential clients get to know you as if they have met you in person and because they have a visual and auditory memory of you, you make a lasting impression.

Using video e-mails and adding streaming video to your Web site is simple.  It’s as easy as sending html e-mails, and cutting and pasting text. Most small businesses already have all the necessary skills to send video e-mail and post streaming video online.

Cloud based video portals offer video e-mail, video on demand, video instant messaging, and live Web casts. They now have services for sending video communications to buyers quickly and easily without investing a lot in additional software or computer equipment.

As personal rich media goes mainstream consumers expect businesses to communicate through video.  Businesses that don’t risk losing credibility as professional players and losing market share to competitors with a strong video presence.

Grandview Research reports video streaming is increasing about 20% per year, with live video leading the growth:

Video Streaming Market Worth $124.57 Billion By 2025

If you’re a small business owner, you can’t ignore this booming trend.

Developing customer relationships through print alone might cause you to lost to your competition. Adding video starts a relationship. You just need to be yourself, present you business honestly and focus on customers needs. Think of the off-line business strategies that build customer confidence, put it on video and you’ve created a personalized online experience that will have your customers buying.

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